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We sell and know Tencia software inside out. We have a customer base that is spread across a broad range of business feilds so we understand which tools are needed to enable business systems to deliver sound management practices on a day to day basis.
Custom Development Service

If you have a specific need that is not available from our

pre-written collection of Report Add Ons then we can

develop a custom solution to fit your business system.

We can provide you with -

Custom Programming Report Writing Form Design Tencia Connect SQL Triggers

Portrait Format Report Add Ons

Landscape Format Report Add Ons

More about the DEVELOPMENT SERVICE Choose from any of the Report Add Ons shown in the Flipbooks below
iLLuminate  is a resource centre for all your business intelligence and reporting processes. Select  from an extensive list of pre-written applications which allow Tencia users to immediately tap into it’s powerful capabilities.
10 STARTER  10 Report Add Ons Special Bundle Price $1100 5 Value  5 Report Add Ons Special Bundle Price $687 1 Single  Single Report Add Ons Price $165
If you have specific requirements not included in our pre written Report Add Ons list, then we will build it for you. We have Tencia skills and experience to enable prompt development of applications.
Ready-to-run reporting applications.  Gain immediate business intelligence. Simply add to the Tencia Menu and run. No Designing or Fiddling around required. Delivered in the familiar Tencia look and feel.  Run to your Inbox, Email out or Export to Excel. Access the applications at any time. Run from real time data. Ready to run Tencia applications reporting to you on all aspects of your business operations. Tools and development resources to immediately increase productivity of your Tencia business system. •	Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I.) •	Business Intelligence (B.I.) •	Dashboard •	Sales Reports •	tencia •	Arrow •	Custom Reports •	Customer Management •	Process Automation
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Report  Add-Ons
Report  Add-Ons